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Web marketing needs a better domain name and an excellent web design which can help in promoting traffic in your site. We can provide you with catchy designs that can suit your business with a very attractive domain name and web hosting tasks. Your focus on web marketing can be complimented with the options which we can provide you including flash games and dynamic applications.

We excel in providing you with web services like Design and Development, Web Content Writing, Web Programming, Web maintenance, Wordpress Integration, Joomla Customization, CMS, Online marketing, Corporate identity, Blog Customization, E-commerce solutions, Shopping Cart and Php BB Customization.

design & development

Web Development

As a leading brand in web design and development, Eventual Infotech is well equipped to give our clients optimum service in online business. We aim at giving you’re the ultimate care to your ideas and shape them out into reality, with our innovative methods and expertise. We are all set to lend our expert services for the global clients as well as those within the country. We are well experienced in the processes that go behind the creation of a quality website design and promise to give you the best.

Eventual Infotech has years of experience in the field of web Application and Development. We give our clients with the top class customized web application development which cater to their precise business requirements. Our team of technical experts and project management team will help you in getting a cost effective software solution. Specific needs of your business are taken care of and the result would be a business tool designed specially to fulfill your needs.

web content writing

Web Development

Attracting, converting or retaining your website visitor using web content is a difficult task. You thus need specialized hands to create the contents for your website. The information regarding your company or your website should be presentable and informative to visitors who simply go through it taking only a few seconds to read the contents.

Our talented web content writers are excellent in making the visitors glued to the website with appropriate punch lines and details in the content with the adequate use of words. We the people of Eventual Infotech provide you with Unique, Informative and Professional contents to attract visitors to your sites. Do opt for our website content writing services and get yourself a better exposure.

web programming

Web Development

Web Programming is the process of programming a computer according to your needs. You assign certain jobs for the computer as per your needs. Instructions are given in order and the computer executes them accordingly. Programming is making of new software for the computer and these programs cater to your needs. Such programs can be of great help to your business for its progress in a very quick way. Web programming allows to turn simple HTML page into Web 2.0 and allows others to interact with your web site and use this application on any computer with Internet access.

Eventual Infotech has an experienced team of programmers to help you in fulfilling your needs regarding Web Programming.

website maintenance

Web Development

It is a known fact that both visitors and search engines prefer to visit websites which are updated on a regular basis. Regular maintenance is required for a website. To Update the contents and graphics, to showcase the latest products and services that your business offers, to make the customers aware of the changes taking place in your company and to add latest features like e-commerce, SEM and new technology can be called as website maintenance.

Eventual Infotech’s team of professionals can thus be of great assistance to you in the maintenance of your website. Our organization has successfully handled the maintenance needs of many websites and hope to provide you with excellent service. We have various plans to suit your business type and need. Allow us to be at your service.

wordpress integration

Web Development

Undoubtedly, Wordpress is the most favored CMS, as a number of blogs or sites are made with it. The richness in plugins and themes, widgets, community support, customization and security reasons have lead to its widespread popularity.

Truly, it is beneficial for getting your design converted into Wordpress website or blog. For this, Eventual Infotech can be of great assistance to you. We offer quality PSD to wordpress service, and our skilled developers work as per the client’s specifications.

joomla customization

Web Development

Joomla is a content management system (CMS) which helps in the management of complexities of web applications. Eventual Infotech offers services of Joomla customization to help clients save their valuable money and time and also adds extra features to their current website.

We at Eventual Infotech offers Joomla development services like Joomla Custom Design Templates, Joomla Template Customization, Joomla Custom Components Development, Joomla Design Integration, Joomla Module Installation and Joomla Custom Modules Development. We can also be of assistance to maintenance works of your website.


Web Development

CMS or Content Management System is a software that record and track the contents on your website. Contents can be photos, texts, music, video or documents. A peculiarity of CMS is that you need not have any technical skill or knowledge to manage it. CMS manages all your contents by itself.

With the assistance of our experts, you will be provided with the best CMS.

Online Marketing

Web Development

Online marketing includes e-marketing and sales which helps in promoting your sales and business. As Internet is today a major tool for the delivery of information, businesses use online marketing to increase awareness among the masses on the company’s services and products.

Online marketing is to use Internet in advertising and thus creating a response from the general audience. Techniques of marketing like Search Engine Optimization or SEO helps in increasing the visibility of a particular site in the search engine pages of the major search engines like Google, Bing or Redz. Eventual Infotech can be of great assistance to you in promoting your site and thus boost up your company’s products to the rest of the world.

corporate identity

Web Development

A Corporate identity Template, usually a set of pre-made design template used to brand you in a very simple and easy way. Eventual Infotech can help you in gaining the right corporate identity according to your taste.

blog customization

Web Development

Blogging is a good way to reach your customers. A Blog which is well designed, and has rich contents are more popular among people and this will make your business familiar to the targeted audience. Blogs are ideal platforms for enhancing your presence in the web.

Eventual Infotech helps you to install and set up your own blog with designers prepared to customize your blog so that it resembles your website and help you in creating custom blog templates. We can help you assist in creating custom blog designs that help to give your blog a unique look with a user-friendly interface. Our team of web designers is always ready to serve you regarding blog customization.

e-commerce solutions

Web Development

E-Commerce is of great help to the business world today. We can help in providing your online business the facilities. Our online shopping cart solutions will provide your online business the ease to sell your goods and services online.

shopping cart

Web Development

Shopping Cart is a software used in E-Commerce. This software helps people in making online purchases with ease. Shopping Cart allows online shopping customers to add articles for purchase to the cart. The software would automatically calculate the sum of the order with the shipping and handling charges.

Our standard shopping cart solution, designed for your e-commerce ventures will definitely bring a rise in your business.

php BB customization

Web Development

PhpBB is one of the most popular forums found online. PhpBB helps in improving website sections and it makes easier for your visitors to identify your forum pages as soon as they get back to your site. Eventual Infotech can help you in the customization of PhpBB. Though the default PhpBB template is pleasant to view, you can choose to customize.